Thursday, December 10, 2009

What a year....

One year ago today Brian and i left for yet another journey to adopt a little girl. I just got done ready all the blog post and comments allot of you left and all i can say is THANK YOU. Remembering us sitting in the apartment over there and checking this blog is what kept us going for the 6 1/2 weeks we were there. I cant believe it has been a year already since we left. We have had a wonderful year with Sabina and i thank god everyday for both of my kids, they are truly the little blessing i always dreamed of having. Adoption is a true blessing in ways some people don't get. When you cant give birth to a child you start to think you will never be able to have kids. When i started to think that is when i decided i could have children and change a child's life for the better. That is when we decided to think about adoption. It was funny how it all worked out because just as we were talking about adoption we mentioned it to friends of ours and the next day she came over to our house with a paper clipping about an adoption picnic that we should go to. Well it happened to be we didn't have nothing to do on that Saturday so we went and that day changed our lives forever. Thanks you Jennelle, i don't know if you even remember bring that to us but we do. Anyways so the journey for caden started and after we were done with the paperwork and traveling we swore we couldn't do it again. funny thing was i didn't want caden to grow up with out a sister or brother. I think in the back of my mind i said i am young maybe just maybe i will get pregnant. Well three years past and nothing so i took matters into my own hands and said we are adopting again and this time we are going for a girl. Brian was not happy at first because money and what is wrong with just one. kid. He says now how great she is and we couldn't live without both of our children. Anyways days like today i sit back and think about how my kids life would be without us and that alone makes me very blessed to have them and be able to give them wonderful families and better lives.
Well i just wanted you to all know how truly wonderful you all are and if anyone is still reading this thank you. Thank you all for writing to us and keeping in touch while we were over in Kaz. We have 2 amazing kids because of that country and i could thank them enough.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Our first Hellos to Sabina in a month so glad to see her.... and Sabina's BIG Brother Caden sharing hats and showing her how to wear Cadens hats like DAD..... WHATSSSSUP!!!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sabina @ home Finally.......................And..... she's out...... what a long journey so glad to have her HOME.
SHE' HOME..... Will post pictures soon

Monday, February 23, 2009

what a small world

I got a email this morning from a lady who was in Kustanai over the summer and at the baby house Sabina is at. Anyways she came across our blog and realized she spent allot of time with Sabina and her group while she was there helping build a play area for the kids. So she emailed me pictures of Sabina from last summer. I just wanted to share them with you all. It is very unusual to have pictures of your child you are adopting before they are yours. So i really appreciate what this lady did. Also just an FYI Sabina will be home in the morning of March 6th. We will be picking her up at the GR airport and bring her home. If anyone want to stop by feel free we will home. We can't wait to see her again. Talk to you soon.


Saturday, February 14, 2009


Just wanted to update you guys on what is going on. Sabina is now legally ours as of Feb 9th. They have started the paperwork over there to get her home. We are hoping she will be coming home March 6th or sooner. We can't wait to pick her up at the airport. She is very missed. Nothing new is really going on here at home. Just working and catching up on stuff. I will let you all know when we have a date for sure. Also mark your calendars we are having a Sabina party at my parents on March 28th. Further details will be coming later.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


We have arrived home safe. Our flight back went good, everything was on time and we arrived into Grand Rapids 20 minutes early. It has been a couple busy days since we got back. We jumped right back into work and we are trying to get Caden back on our schedule. He was very glad to see his mom and dad. Our computer is down right now so i am writing from my dad's house. We will keep you all posted on when Sabina will be coming home. Again thank you all again for your love and support.
Love Beckie and Brian