Monday, February 23, 2009

what a small world

I got a email this morning from a lady who was in Kustanai over the summer and at the baby house Sabina is at. Anyways she came across our blog and realized she spent allot of time with Sabina and her group while she was there helping build a play area for the kids. So she emailed me pictures of Sabina from last summer. I just wanted to share them with you all. It is very unusual to have pictures of your child you are adopting before they are yours. So i really appreciate what this lady did. Also just an FYI Sabina will be home in the morning of March 6th. We will be picking her up at the GR airport and bring her home. If anyone want to stop by feel free we will home. We can't wait to see her again. Talk to you soon.



Anonymous said...

how cool is that???..that was very nice of that lady...these are very cute pics of her...can't wait to meet her..she will be in your arms very soon beck..very soon..i am very happy for you, aunt laurie

Chris said...

Brian & Beckie,
This is an absolutely wonderful gift to your family as this is extremely rare for something like this to happen. It would be neat to know how she came across your blog.

As Sabina's new aunt and a parent of an internationally adoptive child myself, I hope this lady continues to read this blog and knows what a special gift she has given to you! I too would like to thank you, whoever you are! As with many others, we are waiting anxiously for Sabina to come home.

Part of Sabina's new family,
Aunt Chris, Uncle Ron and cousins
Zachary & Jason

P.S. This is just so cool, it brings me to tears! What a nice birthday gift for Brian.

Kim said...

What great pictures! Your daughter is beautiful. We adopted our son from Almaty in 2007. I have often seen just how small the Kaz adoption world is and it is great to find new connections. Upon returning I formed Two Hearts for Hope, a nonprofit dedicated to orphan relief in Kaz. Right now our big fundraiser is for the orphans in Kustanai. Just FYI :)