Sunday, November 4, 2007

Our first entry

This is our son Caden, this is our first day with him in Kazakhstan Dec. 6, 2004
This is Caden(adopted Dec 2004 from Kazakhstan) and his dad on fouth of July 2007

Today is Sunday and this is the first time i am writing about this for everyone to read. Kinda wierd but here goes. I am just going to let everyone know what has been going on. We sent our paperwork to our agency to be sent over to Kazakstan on June 18th. It has been over there almost five months now. Our agency told us we should be traveling by the end of summer but because we are going over there for a infant girl we could be waiting longer. At the end it is all worth the wait. Over all this time around is going faster then Cadens adoption. For those of you who dont know we have adopted before. December 28, 2004 we brought home our son Caden. He just turned 4 on October 6th. He is growing up way to fast. As soon as i figure out how to post pictures i will. Well i guess that is all for now. We will write later.


Michelle said...

Hello Beckie, Brian & Caden
I found your blog list on the blog of blogs.
I look forward to following along on your journey. We are from Grand Rapids and adopted in the summer of 2006. Our son is now 2yrs old. I pray you have a smooth journey,
Michelle Burg

Monica said...

Your son is precious! Best wishes to you on your 2nd journey. I will look forward to following along with your blog.