Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day camping

At camp ground just hanging out
boat ride to Island
Picture of the bridge from camp ground
Caden and Jason (caden's cousin) on boat ride
Caden and his cousins Zachary and Jason after bridge walk

We decided at the last minute to go up to Mackinaw to camp. Brian's parents and sisters family were all up there already. This was Caden's first time camping, he had fun. We went over to the Island on Saturday to visit with my parents who were over there on there boat. Caden enjoyed the boat ride over and loved the horses. Sunday we just hung out did a little shopping and got fudge. Monday we had the bridge walk so we had to get up early in which caden was not thrilled about. Caden did however walk the whole 5 miles. He did really well, we were very proud. We are hoping to go every year from now on. Brian and i went up there the first two years we were together then we ended up adopting Caden so things kinda got off track, but going back this year make me realize why i loved going and Caden can look forward to it every year.( hopefully next year he will have a sister to enjoy it with). Anyways i included some pictures. Talk to you soon.

Beckie, Brian and Caden

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