Thursday, October 9, 2008

2008 Wine tasting weekend

This is the group that went with us
The girls (Brianne, Beckie, mom and Jenni)
The Boys (dad, Carl, Nate, Tony and Brian)
The bus ride up
The driver of the mini bus (also known as dad)

On October 3-5 we went on a wine tasting tour up in Traverse City. When I say we I mean there was 9 of us. We had wonderful time, the weather couldn't have been any better. We drove up in a short bus my parents bought, so much fun. Nate and Brianne, Carl and Jenny, Brian and I, my mom and dad and Tony all went. We stayed in a house on the lake that you can rent through the casino. All day Saturday we went to 9 different wineries and tasted some great wines and had a blast doing it. Afterwards we ate, did some gambling and then had a bonb fire to finish the night off, what more could you ask for.


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