Wednesday, November 12, 2008

update (if you want to call it that)

I would like to be writing with an update but frankly i don't have one. I have been trying to get answers for days now and the agent is not calling me back. They told us the country would like us to travel at the end of October but that has not happened. Sometimes the wait can be so hard. Everyday i check my emails at least 20 times just in case we get the call. I know the day will come and i have to be patient but those of you who really know me, knows i don't have the best patience for waiting. So there's my update, still nothing. Anyways for those of you who know are family we are losing more family members from this state of ours. My Aunt Mary and her family are moving to Florida at the end of the month. It really sucks that they have to move but we all have to do things to keep going. I have talked to uncle Todd last week they are doing good in the Dominican. Anyways i just wanted to post to let everyone know what is going on. keep looking i will eventually post some good news, only god knows when. Keep us in your thoughts.
Love Me

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