Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hi all...
Thank you all for the name suggestions. We were told we have until Wednesday to decide if we are going to change her name. Alot of people have been asking for details so here goes. This is an average day, wait this is all we do everyday. We normally wake up around 10:00am and eat cereal. They have cherrios and milk, there milk is warm and in a box but we just put it in the fridge and brian being the milk lover he is says its normal. Then we both take our bath/shower. The bathtub is huge and it doesnt have a shower head so we sit and take a bath and shower at ones. The water is nasty brown. I will get a picture for you later. Then we sit around the apartment until 3:30 when our coordinator picks us up to bring us to the baby house. We visit with Sabina for 1 1/2 hours a day. We go to her group room and we bring her to a little play room to visit. The divide the kids up according to age and put them in certain groups. After the visit we either go back to the apartment or we go to the market and get some food and supplies. Then we normally come to the apartment and cook dinner and then we get on the computer and check emials and the blog. We watch movies some night or we just sit and watch tv which is in Russian. Then around 11:00 pm we go to bed. That about sums up our days. We have been doing the same thing day in and day out since last Friday. I am sending pictures to my parents and they will post them on here as they get them.
All i can say is life is very diffrent here, but in someways the same. They told us when we got here that it is legal to grow pot but it is not legal to have it in your pocket, we laughed. She told us the pot just grow, they don't plant it or do it on purpose. Anyways i will save some for tomowow. Talk later
Beckie and Brian


Anonymous said...

Saving some pot for tomorrow? lmao....well that's how you made it sound. We know what you meant......well maybe.hehe

Chris said...

Zdrasvoytee -
Interesting, no snow in these pictures for as cold as you may be. I hope you don't have ice around your door frame like you did last time. Please tell us you're buying bottled water! So are you brushing up on your Russian phrases?
Chris, Ron & Boys