Sunday, December 28, 2008

20 days and and counting....hopefully

Hello everyone,
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Anyways just wanted to give you a short update. We found out Friday that the courts here close down from Dec 23 to Jan 5th, so our paperwork will not be looked at until then. After the judge looks at the paperwork she will set up a date for precourt and hopefully court. We don't think we will be home before the 16th of Jan. There laws and procedure are so diffrent then ours at home it is hard to understand there thinking, but we are here and can't leave until after court. Missing Caden and our families and friends is the hardest thing. We can't just pick up the phone and call someone to talk or drive to the mall. Being stuck in this apartment is hard. Lucky for me i sleep until like 11:30 am everyday and by the time i get up and around it is almost 2pm. So my days are going by pretty fast. We have gotten out and walked around there town alittle. Not a whole lot to do. They have market malls but its not like we are here to shop. Anyways i didn't want this to sound like a pity party because its not, we are fine we have each other and we do get to visit Sabina everyday. And by the way she is doing fine nothing has really changed. We are on a 20 day count down, we are hoping to leave in like 20 days. Anyways have a good New Years. Love and miss you all. Talk to you later.
Beckie and Brian


Harry said...

Hey There !!!
Missed u guys at Christmas time ,( Thinking about u ).
Have a great New Year.& we will Toast one to U.
Love Gram & Gramps Williams

Anonymous said...

hang in there guys...i hope the 20 days goes fast for you..give sabina a kiss for me...luv~aunt laurie