Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Just wanted to get on and say Happy New Years to everyone. Hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday. We miss everyone and hope to see you all soon. Sabina is doing good. We won't see her for two day because of there holiday here, but we will be back to visiting on Friday. It's very loud here at night. They light off fireworks for the holiday like we light up our houses. they do it at all times of the day and night. I think we are the only american in this city at the time. We are going to the market mall to get Sabina an outfit for when she comes home in Feb. Well be safe and we will talk to you next year. LOL
Beckie and Brian


Anonymous said...

Happy new Years to you Too...See if that market sells fireworks and vodka and join in on the, be safe and stay warm. Give Sabina kises for us, love ya lots Carl Jenni and kids

Debi said...

Happy New Year!! have a safe and warm one!! we are all thinkin 'bout ya!! wishing you a safe and SOON return home!!!

Chris said...

Happy New Year to the both of you! We love you and hope to see you soon.
Hugs & kisses,
Chris, Ron & boys

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!!!! Hope all is well with you. Were doing good here. Can't wait to see you guys.
Love ya, Brianne

Mom and Dad Williams said...

Hey there kids....yeah all is good here and glad to hear you're doing good also. We'll see you soon enough and take care of that precious grand daughter, Love ya both, we're very proud of what you're accomplishing .
Mom and Dad Williams

Anonymous said...

happy new year to you toooo...dan and i went out dancing last night..thank god for a bit green around the edges today :( love aunt laurie

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
Richelle gave me the link to you blog!! I noticed the email you have been sending to us is wrong:( Our email address is
We just wanted to say "congrats, she is such a cutie!!"
Cant wait to see her!
John and Jamie
Happy New Year:)

Anonymous said...

HI Guys Just wanted to say we are always thinking about you. Come home soon! LOVE YA Grandma (I still just peck at this thing, so have to keep this short)