Monday, January 5, 2009


Well Janet handed in our paperwork and found out who are judge was. All i know is she said he is good and a guy. He has a few days to look over our paperwork then will set up a pre-court date. Janet said she is hoping that after the pre-court it will be another week. But nothing is set in stone yet. We are hoping to hear something by the end of the week and when we do we will let you all know. Nothing new is or has happened. Sabina is the same, good as always. I just sit here and think about how things will be when we get home. Well for now that's all of an update i can give. Hope you all are well and keeping warm. Love everyone and will talk later
Beckie and Brian


Mom and Dad Williams said...

Hey guys,
Thanks for the update and make sure you let us all know what is going on asap....Glad to hear things are moving for you two. Well as good as it can move.
Love mom and dad

Anonymous said...

HI Guys, This is Grandma Williams pecking at this thing again. Is that how you are spelling her name? Just need to know. One more day gone. Try to look at it that way.(easy for me to say) LOVE YA

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you have some forward progress. Thinking about you and crossing my fingers that your time there is short lived!! Good luck,take care.

Beckie, Brian, Caden and Sabina said...

Hi Grandma, i am glad to see you watching the blog yes we are spelling her name Sabina. Can't wait for you to meet her. Love you too.