Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Still No Good News

We were told today that the judge will not schedule our court or pre-court until we have all of our documents updated. Before we left there was a few document that need updated because they were over 1 year old. Well i did my part and got them together and notarized and handed into the agent before we left. Our agent was to then translated and sent over here. Well apparently they were going to the embassy and i didn't know that part. Well to make a long story short those documents are still at the embassy and we are here waiting for them. We are not sure how much longer we are going to be here. Like i said before we still have no GOOD news. I will update when i hear anymore. Love you all and thank you for your love and support through this.
Beckie and Brian


Anonymous said...

awwww...well guys i hope this will be the last hurdle you will encounter..after all this, any chance they will let you bring sabina home with you?? I hope so...hang in there...love, aunt laurie

Brianne said...

It's all worth it!!!!! When this is all said and done you are going to have that beautiful little girl all to yourselves. Just try and remember that as much as it sucks that you have been gone for so long, what you’re doing is going to change Sabina's life and yours. Just a couple of more weeks and this will be all done.
Miss you TONS! Stay strong!:)
Luv ya, Brianne

Beckie, Brian, Caden and Sabina said...

yeah i am hoping for some good news in the near future. This cant go on forever. No they will not let us take her, but we are having her escorted home so we dont have to come back and get her. I just feel for our situation it will be easier. I know not everyone would do that, but i have to. I am not leaving Caden again. So we are doing ok and trying to stay strong. Love you all. Beckie

Anonymous said...

If anyone can do this the two of you can! Hang in there and take care of each other. In a couple of years this will all seem so simple. How easily we forget the trying times in our lives, when we finally get what we truly want. Take care!!