Thursday, December 11, 2008

here and alive

Hi all,
We arrived in Almaty last night at 3:00 am. We went to a really nice hotel and got about 4 hours of sleep. Could use way more then that. Anyways we are heading to the orphange city Kostanai at 2pm this afternoon. Right now it is 10:45 am Fridayand your time is 11:40 pm Thursday. Very confusing, we have been up 34 hours straight. We will be here for about 23 days and then get to go home. We have decided if we cam come up with the money, that we are going to have her escorted back home. this trip was really hard and tiring on us. i cant do this again. I know it will be worth it but for the money it is also worth having her brought to us. Well we will talk to you later. Love you Caden
Love Beckie and Brian

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