Sunday, December 14, 2008

2nd day

Today we did nothing. We sat around the apartment and just chilled. Tomorrow at 3pm we are going to the orphange and hopefully we will be able to post a picture then. Caden if your uncle carl is reading this we love you. Talk to you then


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say Hi... I keep checking a couple of times a day to see what you guys are up to.. Saw Carl Friday dropping Caden off for school...
Hope all is well with you guys.. Nothing exciting here.. Lots of snow and its freezing.. Talk to you soon... I will try and get on tonight.... Right now it is 4:00 on monday.... what time is it by you? brie

Beckie, Brian and Caden said...

Hi back at you. I have never left a comment on this so not sure if you get this. We are 11 hours ahead of you. When we are sleeping you all are awake. We miss home and cant wait to sleep in our own bed.Beckie