Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Day 5 (I think)

Hi everyone,
We have been to the baby house and we have been given two children to choose from. I know that sounds weird to those of you who have not been through this. One of the little girls is 2 ½ and the second one is 1 ½. Ok the oldest is smart and cute. She can walk and talk (not that we understand her). She is Eurasian. She is older then we wanted, but I could see her and Caden getting along. On the other hand there is the youngest one that my heart went out to. She is very behind and she has very lazy eyes, a lot like Caden had but worse. She can pull herself up on a couch, she can copy us if we clap or do a movement, she follows object well. She babbles like a baby, so she can’t talk yet and she don’t walk. She is blond hair, blue eyes. She does a lot of things Caden did when we adopted him. We were told she sleeps well and eats well. We have had two days to decide and tomorrow they are going to ask for our answer. We are pretty sure we will choose the youngest one but chose to sleep on it. The youngest one has yet to be picked for adoption and they said it was because of her eyes being crossed. We had to deal with Caden’s eyes and his medical issues, I am sure we can handle hers. I just hold her and wonder what would happen to her if we don’t adopt her. Will she live in an orphanage all her life because someone couldn’t deal with her crossed eyes and her delay. I just think with a little attention and love and she will be keeping up with Caden in know time. With Caden he picked us and I came over here thinking that would happen again, but I also have read a lot of things on the internet that that kind of bond happens very seldom. I am positive we will make the right choice, it’s not like we can put her on e-bay if she don’t work out. LOL. Talk to you later
Love us


momanddad said...

Hi Becky and Brian
( mom and dad here ) I can see it in your message that you're distraut and are a bit confused. I also know you will follow your heart and feelings and do what you have to do. You're both very strong and know what you really want. What ever decision you make will be ours too. Love and miss you both.

Anonymous said...

Brian & Beckie - By the time you get this you may have made your decision. I know it is so hard when you are there and have no one else to turn to for their opinion--maybe sometimes that is best too. I hope you have slept well and are confident in your decision. You know we will love whatever little one you bring home. We can't wait to see pictures and stay warm!
Love you lots,
Ron & Chris

Anonymous said...

hi guys..your decision will be ours too...no matter what you decide, that little girl will be part of our family. hurry home..miss you..love, aunt laurie

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys.... From your blog it's sounds like your mind is already made up... I agree with your Mom and Dad go with your heart. I can't wait to see pictures.. Take care your missed very much back here in Michigan...
Talk to you soon. Brianne

Beckie, Brian and Caden said...

Thanks for the comment everyone...hearing from you all keeps us going everyday. We look forward to hearing from you at the end of our day. Love you all.
beckie and Brian