Wednesday, December 17, 2008

We have decided and it will be a shock to most

Hi everyone,
I know yesterday we made it sound like we had our mind made up and even as early as this morning we thought we did. We went to the baby house today to bond with the youngest little girl. We played with her for a good 2 hours and we both left the place feeling very unsure about our decision. We went back to the apartment and called home. After talking to my parents and doing a lot of talking to each other, we decided we had to really rethink things. Brian and I asked ourselves what we seen when we closed our eyes. When we both opened them we said we see a little girl running to the pool with Caden or running around the yard playing with Caden. Not me changing diapers and tending to a baby while Caden plays by himself. If we would really be honest with ourselves the reason we started this adoption was so Caden had someone closer to his age that he could play with and be close to when he got older. If we brought home a baby he wouldn’t be able to play with her for a long while and there would be a huge age gap. With all that being said we chose to go with the 2 ½ year old. When they brought the 2 girls out to us the oldest one just walked in and had the biggest smile on her face, she melted our hearts. We should have listened to our hearts right then and there. We came here thinking we wanted the youngest one we could get, but really the more we talked about it the more we realize with our life style and Caden she will be the best choose for us. Her given name here is Sabina. We have not decided to weather or not to keep that yet. The name fits her but still unsure. When you all get to meet her, she will melt your heart like she did ours.


Debi said...

Hi guys!! Sounds like you have had some tough decisions to make.. But I believe you two will make the right decision that will make you all happy! Follow your heart and you can't go wrong! I can hardly wait to see some pictures! I love it when you update, so keep updating.. we love to read about what is going on!!
take care
~Debi David Danielle Dayna

Anonymous said...

Beck and Brian....That is wonderful news guys..I'm sure Caden is going to be thrilled to have a little sister closer to his age to play with and pick am happy for all of you...Have fun with her and I can't wait to meet my new great neice!..luv ya's..Aunt Laurie

Chris said...

We are so happy for you. Wow! What a hard choice. I hope you both sleep better tonight. This reminds me of the phrase you can't save the world, no matter how hard you try. I'm guessing no one donated the extra money yet so you could adopt both girls. All you need is one very affluent donor--two donors wouldn't be bad either! Looking forward to more updates. How many more times will you see Sabina at the baby home while you are there? How long were you there today? Tell us what your doing when you're not at the baby home. Have you found any good Kaz food?
Love you both lots,
Chris, Ron & boys

Ron said...

When you have some spare time could you put some pictures of town and the area your traveling through,apartment and especially Sabina on your sight. What's the weather been like? It's been sunny and 70 degrees here-oops i guess that's what it is in the house. Can't wait to hear more.

mom and dad said...

Hi there kids.
We're damn proud of you two you know. That's a great thing that you're doing. ( glad we could help this morning ) We couldnt be more proud. Keep the smiles showing and the tears flowing. Well that's what you're doing...isnt it? lol. Keep up the good work and it's estatic knowing that you made up your minds.

Dad said...

Oh and by the way......NO it's not a shock to us. :)
ps...can you set you profile to the right time? I posted at says it did it at 6:42. There's three hours off somewhere. Remember change it to eastern time. later

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you guys... Congratulations!!!!!!

So whats next? How many hours a day can you see Sabina? When will we see pictures of her?

I agree with your Aunt Debi keep updating us. About your day and what you do.. I check it multiple times a day to see what you guys are up to. Miss ya.. Talk to you soon...
Merry Christmas to you and your whole family!!!!