Thursday, January 22, 2009


We just got out of court(11:30am) and we were congratulated and told that the judge said yes to the adoption and no one had any objections. We do have to go back at 2:30pm for the reading of the decision, Just a formality nothing big. Then we are heading to the orphanage to hand out gifts and visit with Sabina for the last time until she is brought to us. We are hoping for her to come home around the last week of Feb. We are very happy and can't wait until she can start her new life. We leave tomorrow to go to Almaty and wait until our flight Sunday. We fly out at 4:20am and get home at 3:40pm Sunday. We will be able to get on the Internet in Almaty so we will talk to you all later. 3 more days and we are coming home.
Love Beckie and Brian


Anonymous said...

YAYYYYY!...Congratulations! Can't wait to meet her!
Aunt Laurie

Brianne said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Nate and I are so Happy for you guys.. Can't wait to see you.
Take care and travel safe, will see you in a couple of days! :)


Chris said...

This is great news! Finally! It will be good to have you home again. Have you learned a lot of Russian in your extra time there? What have you two been up to the past week since your last update?

Love you,
Chris, Ron & boys