Saturday, January 24, 2009

We have started our departure

Yesterday we left the orphanage area of Kustanai. We had to fly to Almaty for two days. Our flight from Almaty to Frankfort leaves Sunday at 420am. We will be arriving into Grand Rapids around 340pm Sunday afternoon pending weather hold up. We are sitting here in the lobby of the hotel having a drink. We have all day today doing nothing. We walked around town for a few hours. Our feet are killing us since we really havent been walking or doing a whole lot for the past 6 weeks. Leaving Sabina was very hard as she has found a place in our hearts. We knew leaving her that she was in really good hands with her caregivers. They care for her and really watch out for her. She will be coming home at the end of Febuary. Well we are heading to lunch so we will talk to you all when we get home. Thank you all for your love and suport through this whole process.
Love Brian and Beckie

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